our story

finca bella luna:

vineyards, orchards. and a bed & breakfast in the heart of argentina wine country


our story


a bear on a bike

“Like most countries in the world, in Argentina a bicycle is a legitimate means of basic transportation for many people. Our finca (vineyard) is located in a rural area where nights are coal black and the locals never have lights or reflectors while pedaling on roads. But when the moon is out, this natural illumination helps keep riders safe and guides them to their destination. One night I was driving home very late and, except for a gauzy crescent moon, not a light to be found anywhere. Up ahead a big burly but indistinguishable figure on a bike (of course with no light or reflectors), squarely in the center of the road, was on a mid-night journey of importance known only to him. Possibly to work at a mid-night shift at one of the local bodegas, or perhaps going home to family. As I came closer I slowed down, and as Bacchus is my witness he looked over to smile at me, and he looked exactly like a big happy blue bear riding his bike somewhere. under that joyful crescent moon”

– kenito, finca bella luna & luna MALBEC founder
June, 2014


In the heart of Mendoza wine country, Finca Bella Luna y Oasis de Estrellas is not just a bed and breakfast, but a unique countryside experience. Come explore neighborhood vineyards, drink and dine in the local wine scene, be lazy and relax by our pool or in a hammock, or roam our vineyard and orchard of our working farm. Come get away from it all at our cozy vacation B&B and experience, relax, enjoy and live the good life! Let us help you plan your vineyard and wine tours at no cost to you!


supporting agricultural biodiversity in the heart of argentina wine country

At our farm, Finca Bella Luna, we have a variety of fruit trees and olives.

drink the land

try our classico and reserva malbec’s

Argentina grows all the typical wine varietals we’ve come to enjoy. But we grow and bottle only 100% Argentine malbec grapes to make our wines. We offer three types: Malbec Classico, Reserve Malbec aged in French oak barrels and then the most unusual and unique, the 100% Malbec Sparkling Brut Rose.

We are dedicated to producing wines that reflect the true spirit of Argentina, a land steeped in Spanish and Italian wine making traditions with a New World flair.


the vineyard

loCATED IN MENDOZA, ARGENTINA – THE perfect terroir for malbec.

Our vineyards in Barrancas, Maipu, Mendoza are SITUATED approximately 33S Latitude.

Whatever the magic combination of sun, temperature, water, soil and spirit, malbec flourishes better in Argentina that anywhere in the world. We double dog dare you to do a side by side tasting of Cohors, Chilean or one of the new USA offerings.

our vines

stay + play

come visit us and stay in our bed & breakfast

Finca Bella Luna is a operational vineyard with cabanas available to rent. The two cabanas sleep 1-3 each – complete with a full kitchen and bathroom. The space feels like you are on vacation from your vacation! The hammock shack provides a wonderful space for siesta or early morning yoga, and the pool is refreshing and relaxing for all ages.